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Too large, too small… why do we hate our breasts?

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Boobs. They’re everywhere. Everywhere you look, there is a woman with a pair of breasts. We latch onto them the minute we are born, and do not stop obsessing about them in every minute after…and I am not talking about just men here.Breast augmentation, uplifts, reductions, liposuction and enhancements have become some of the most popular plastic surgery procedures the world over. It seems is no longer enough to have a slender body and a beautiful face if your breasts are not ‘feminine’ enough.If you are small, petite, atheletic but flat chested without visible breasts, then teasing and ridicule can ensue. Large breasts equally get their fair share of teasing and staring, but come packaged with an unfortunate propensity for sagging, stretch marks and loss of shape as time goes on.Surgical options are there for the problems one can experience with both too large and too-small breasts, but what happened to just accepting our body for the way it is? Why do we hate our sagging breasts or smaller-than-average boobs? Women of African tribes who have never worn more than a brief covering over their intimate areas, celebrate showing their breasts as an expansive definition of womanhood. They don’t care if their breasts are sagging, but are proud that they have a strong body which has been able to give life and nutrition to many children. I am not suggesting that we ditch our bras and swing free, rather look at our beautiful breasts as amazing, sexy, beautiful, feminine and individual additions to our femininity, and not inconvenient for succumbing to gravity or for not being full enough. Wearing badly fitting lingerie that pinches and pokes you, or that doesn’t flatter your shape, is a quick way to hate your breasts, and view them as uncomfortable additions to your body. Choose well-fitting lingerie that supports and lifts your breasts, or innovatively designed bras that enhance your cleavage to ensure your assets are flattered and enhanced in the best possible way. Check our fitting guide for help and advice to make sure you are wearing a perfectly-fitting bra, and will love your breasts!

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