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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Wearing a corset has historically been shown as the easiest way to ensure a slim and defined waist.  From the times of the Romans, women have used corsets to enhance their feminine figure, enhance their posture and as a sign of propriety and status.  Going out without a corset on used to be akin to walking around in your bra and knickers, and no decent woman would be seen in such a state!
Warning! Wear with caution! Too hot to handle!
Corsets have evolved over the years to be a fashionably sexy form of outerwear, but would previously have been worn underneath clothes to give form and shape to your silhouette.  Corsets with the greatest strength would be strengthened and shaped with whale bone or steel boning at various intervals in the corset, and would fasten at the back or front with laces.
Wearing a corset is a finely-honed art, and a Lady’s Maid would be essential to help you get in and out of it!  Although modern corsets have been developed with a lack of servants or staff in mind, it is useful (as when learning to tie a sari!) to get someone to help you when you first try one on
Loosen the corset laces to their maximum, without the laces coming out of their holes.
step into, or pull the corset over your head.
Ask your helper to pull laces in the middle.  Laces are often straight rather than crossing in the middle of the corset to make it easier to tighten, as shown in the picture below.
Don’t aim to tighten the corset fully on the first go, try to do it in two stages, once for tightening, and once for shaping!
Once you’re happy with the desired tightness, fasten the laces at the botton in a bow, and push the laces up your back if they are a little long.
When you’re feeling brave enough to attempt this by yourself, pull the corset’s laces from the middle by reaching round your back!

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