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Wide-leg pants: women's fashion trend

Monday, 8 August 2011

There are three key styles of wide leg pants on trend in spring 2011:

Wide-leg trousers
Sophisticated yet relaxed, sharp and tailored with a mid to high waist: that's how 2011's wide-leg trouser distinguishes itself. Perfect for masculine-inspired looks, be they very modern or very vintage.

Wide legged trousers at Akris SS11

Wide-leg jeans
Jeans that are wide-legged from top of the thigh down can have a tendency to end up looking baggy. In 2011, we'd recommend jeans that are more fitted on the thigh - lean to flared legs or moderately wide legs rather than wide legged jean styles that are too baggy or that lack shape. Be wary of a skinny leg that then widens from the knee, however: that's too much like the 90's take on bell bottoms, a look firmly out in 2011.

wear wide leg pants

With heels. Flats will simply never complete the look as well as heels will; the exception is if you're carrying off a very masculine look with man-style flats.
With a slim-fitting top to balance out the volume on the bottom half. A soft, billowing blouse can also work well but is best broken up with a waist-cinching belt.
With utter 70s glamour: wide-leg trouser, platforms and a big floppy hat.
Female dandy style - look to vintage icons like Katharine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich for inspiration.
With 40s pin-up girl flair, by pairing some wide-legged sailor pants with nautical stripes and espadrilles.
A final, mandatory note about wide-legs, be they jeans, trousers or a draping palazzo: all of these styles work best of taller frames. If you're short in the legs try a pair of skinny cropped pants or ones with a subtle flare paired with heels.

Winter Blues:

With the recent bout of awful weather we’ve seen across the US, it seems the “winter blues” are starting to set in just about everywhere. (Yup, you’re not the only one who let out a triumphant yell when the groundhog didn’t see his shadow yesterday. 6 more weeks of winter? No thanks!)
But while “the winter blues” may not be a medical term, the phenomenon is very real: Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD, is the scourge of citizens from the freezing-cold Pacific Northwest to the foggy East coast during these dreary winter months. Extended periods of time without sunshine and warmth can make you feel depressed, fatigued, and irritable. The symptoms of SAD are both psychological and physiological; your mind and body are affected by dragging winter weather.
While the obvious solutions seem to include relocating to a warmer climate or spending a vacation in paradise, let’s face it: Most of us don’t have the financial flexibility to jet off to an island whenever we want. So instead, here are a few easy, budget-friendly ways to banish your winter blues and stay cheery, despite the chilly weather.

fashion for college women

Photo by lay_d_lay

Coats and jackets aren’t just for keeping warm – in fashion, they’re one of the easiest ways to show off your style in the colder months.

This fall, there are many trends when it comes to jackets, coats, and outerwear. I’ve broken them down into the top ten most popular and most stylish.

If you’re currently looking for the perfect coat, or just want to know what the current outerwear trends are, keep reading to find out what to look for in a jacket or coat this winter.

Plaid Jackets

Plaid is the number one trend in outerwear for the second year in a row, not to mention a hot trend for fall in general.

There are so many styles of plaid jackets to choose from, so if you love the preppy print, it’s easy to find a shape that works for you. Different colors and styles of plaids also make things more interesting – from purple to classic red and everything in between! When you’re shopping, make sure to find a shade that goes with most of you wardrobe.

Here are some cute plaid jackets, all under one hundred 

Faux Leather Jackets

In my animal-loving opinion, real leather jackets aren’t nearly as amazing as faux, and what’s even better: faux leather is WAY easier on your wallet. Plus, faux leather moto jackets are one of the popular jacket trends for fall 2008. What’s not to love?

If you must have the real thing, there are tons of real leather jackets around. But I encourage you – save some money and some animals by going faux! Every little bit counts.

Channel your inner badass rocker chick with one of these cute and affordable faux leather jackets:

Classic Trench Coats

This is one coat that will always be in style. That makes it a fabulous “investment piece”, an item in your wardrobe that you can wear over and over without worrying whether it’s in.

Trench coats are just as great in rural areas as they are for the city. They really do work with almost everything, everywhere. Go classic with a trench in a neutral tone or black, or take a chance and pick one up in a bright red. The choice is yours!

Some cute trench coats I thought were fabulous:

lassic Pea Coats

This one is another example of an “investment piece” – it’ll always be in style, and goes with most everything.

If you don’t have a pea coat in your wardrobe, you should consider picking one up. They really are one of the most classically chic pieces you can have. A pea coat will go from your 9 AM math class to your 9 PM date without missing a beat – and it’ll keep you nice and warm in the process.

Here are some pea coats I would definitely rock:

Finger Trips

All women love fashion, all these catwalk styles are just gorgeous, but most of them we can’t wear daily. And all these luxury accessories are really amazing, but we can’t afford them and they might be too much for daily wear too. So why shouldn’t we try something different, not luxury fashion designer pieces, but interestingly weirdly designed gadgets. Check out these fun Architecture Rings.
How close can you be to Paris, New York and Moscow? When came into the same question, my answer may seem quite surprising: one finger‘s distance only. Look at these Architecture Rings designed by Philipe Tournaire, each of them features a famous project around the world and therefore to make you part of Paris, New York and Moscow, too. Yeah, that feels good.
They of course wouldn’t be as stunning as a Tiffany ring, but they do have a different sense that worth a second look. Having these little constructions on your fingers is quite a funny thing, and I hope you enjoy the “finger trips”.

Valentine's Day Hairstyles Ideas

Boost the sexiness of your tresses on Valentine's Day if you want to receive all the admiration and love from your beloved as hairstyles can completely change your appearance. V-day is definite a special day so treat it as you should and you will look and feel amazing!
Valentine's Day is just around the corner and this day requires you to look extra-special. V-Day is a day which celebrates love, so it is a special day in which you and your beloved can use to remember all the things that you love about each other. So, such a romantic moment requires a proper Valentine's Day makeup, outfit as well as hairstyle. If you want to look absolutely breathtaking on February 14th, inspire yourself from the following Valentine's Day hairstyles ideas.
Hairstyles play a very important role when it comes to beauty and style so paying as much attention to your hair as you can, if you care about the way you look and how others perceive you, is a must. There are a variety of hairstyles available to choose from but that doesn't mean that they all suit this special occasion. Valentine's Day is a day in which you have to shine, so you can show your loved one that you are worth all his pampering, that you are beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside.
Hair by Alexander Hair and Beauty
Hair by Christel Lundqivist
Depending on the length of your hair there are several options you can make in selecting a Valentine's Day appropriate hairstyle. Women with short hairstyles can smile as they don't have to spend too much time in the mirror but then again the downside to that is that there are not too many options you have when styling the hair. So, if you have short hair the best way to go is sleek straight. This hair texture helps underline the cut and emphasizes the shine of the hair, allowing it to receive a sexy glow that will enhance your beauty. If you love hair accessories don't hesitate to opt for a lovely jeweled or feathery headband as they are absolutely stunning and work well with all hair lengths.
Hair by Royston Blythe
Hair by Royston Blythe
Women with medium length tresses have multiple options depending on what look suits your style best. Sleek straight, wavy as well as curly hairstyles are a positive options but only if the hair is in a healthy condition. Allow the hair to fall naturally loose or boost the style of your tresses by opting towards stylish hair accessories such as cute hair clips or headbands. Enhance your natural hair texture or opt for a different hair texture using the proper hair styling tools and products. Hair curlers, hair wavers as well as flat irons can help your hair look absolutely amazing, so make sure you use them according to the instructions manual. 
Hair by Trevor Sorbie
Hair by Hair Studio
Hair by Michael Barnes
Hair by Goldsworthy
This is the trendies hair length in 2011 and if you're looking for a lovely Valentine's Day hairstyle you can consider yourself the luckiest as this hair length is the most versatile and there are a variety of options you can turn towards. Natural looking hair styles are definitely a great options but because your hair features such a long length you can give braids a try, hair twists as well as updos and ponytail hairstyles. You don't want to go too sophisticated unless you are going to a special event which requires such a look. 
Opt for lovely fishtail braids, high centered ponytails, a braided ponytail, a lovely loose updo or a glam hair twist. 
Experiment or simply go for the hairstyle that you think would suit you best as either way you will look stunning.

Short Hair Style Ideas

If you're not just a pretty face and wish to showcase your style-conscious attitude try these chic short hair style ideas that would take your hair sculpting skills to the next level. Opt for the girly and super-refined designs for a classy and feminine look. Whereas the messy and more relaxed design will serve as the best accessories to complement your casual or Boho chic appearance.

by GHD Education Team

by Mieka Hairdressing

by The Hair Studio

by Edward&Co
Read more: Chic Short Hair Style Ideas / Short Hairstyles
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Stylish Teen girls Haircuts articles

If you're not ready to say goodbye to your midi hairdo make sure you keep an eye on the upcoming styling trends for this year. The following teen medium layered haircuts are perfect to update your locks to the newest style trends. The latest looks will grant you with loads of hair styling options you were cravin

New salwar kameez designs in pakistan

It is the commonly popular dress for South Asian Women specifically India & Pakistan. This dress is enormously relaxed and looks very stylish on women of all ages. Here you will discover the new style designs in Pakistan and india from the dress designers who strive to make you look decent and stand out by improve these clothes by distinctive enhancement using altered types of Embroideries, Block Print, Bead, Sequins, Zardosi, Dabka, Tilla work, Ghara work, cut work etc.

New shalwar kameez are now obtainable with stones, moti, zari and sequins work. If you are observing for a nicely planned outfit for a marriage, you can buying multi colored resham embroidered and boota work. Also, the new hand embroidered Pakistani shalwar suits are obtainable in the market on different fabric of clothes like Banarsi, Katan, Silk, Geaorgette and Organza. These outfits come with superbly embroidered motifs of Aabla, Sequins, Aari, Zardosi and others.

salwar kameez New salwar kameez designs in pakistan

New salwar kameez designs in Pakistan

Salwar kameez from Pakistan are making an impact on designer fashion. I’ve been astonished to see some top A-list Hollywood actresses like JLo, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth, and most recently Angelina Jolie sporting beautiful salwar kameez suits! Some department stores at the local mall may be carrying them, and more will very likely join the parade for this lovely Indian and Pakistani clothing. Let’s discover more about salwar kameez from Pakistan. Salwar kameez is really fairly simple. It consists of a top known as the kameez, which is basically a shirt with long tails in front and back. The bottom half is the salwar, a rather loose pant. Finally, there is the stole, which covers the chest and drapes across the shoulder.

Trendy Kurta Shalwar

There are many type of cloths used mostly to show the trend of fashion but among all Shalwar and Kurta is used mostly. In countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and some other countries Kurta with Shalwar is thought to be the best.
Beautiful Shalwar & Kurta
In all over the world demand of Kurta and Shalwar increases day by day and designers think of giving new look to these type of Kurta’s. Kurta with Shalwar is best wear in summer season, so many designs been made in Kurta. Kurta is basically a dress which is simple and most comfortable among all the dresses.
Churidar Shalwar and Kurta

In Pakistan Kurta Shalwar is not a fashion trend for men’s but also considered as the identity of Pakistani peoples. Kurta Shalwar is the most casual dress used in Pakistan and is added in fashion trend for men’s. Kurta Shalwar has brought up a large variety of styles in men’s with different colors and shades.
Men Kurta and Shalwar
Silk Kurta is the most attractive and eye catching dress during the season of festivals which shows an amazing blend of ethnicity and modernity. The most popular and the most traditional trend in men’s are Kurta with straight cut and side pockets. However new changes have evolved a new concept to give the trendy and stylish look to Kurta Shalwar.

Latest Kurta Styles For Eid Ul Fitr from:Anie

Latest Kurta Salwar And Designs Of Shalwar Kameez For Men

The evolution of the salwar kameez or Salwar kameez or Shalwar Qameez has a long and colorful history which originated with the influence of Islamic reign on India. The intermingling of cultures created the trend of wearing loose pajamas and kurtas for men as well as women.

Pakistani clothing including evening wear, casual wear, formal wear shalwar kameez, and modern apparels which are worn usually in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, all over South Asia and at South Asian families.

Salwar Kameez or Kurta Shalwar is the most popular outfit for South Asian men specially in  Pakistan. Shalwar Kameez is extremely comfortable and looks elegant on Men of all age.

Here are a Few Pictures of Latest Collection Of Kurta Shalwar for Men which are into Fashion Nowadays.

Latest Summer Collection Of Kurta Shalwar For Men

Kurta Shalwar is a modified form of traditional dress for men in PakistanKurta Shalwar is mostly worn by men on occasions like weddings, for friday prayers, eid etc. Mostly kurtas are worn by boys with a little bit of embroidery work on Ban ( Collar ) and Gala. The embroidery work on kurta for men is done with threads of almost matching colors of kurta cloth which shows decency of one’s dressing choice. Mostly boys love to wearkurta shalwar in summer season, as they need some dress to relax in hot season and kurta shalwar is one of the most comfortable dress for boys. Here we have collected a few pictures of latest kurta designs for men, which are according to the latest fashion of dressing for men. These stylish kurtas are beautifully designed and the embroidery work on these kurtas is elegant and simple which increases the charm and decency in these dresses. Hopefully you’ll like these kurta designs for men and you can make your own kurta shalwar by copying these styles and enjoy the hot weather with cool, stylish and most comfortable kurta dresses for boysfor the year

Men Sherwani Designs For Wedding – Latest Fashion

Sherwani is one of the famous fashion trends in Asia. It is actually the most traditional Pakistani and Indian garment especially designed for Men. Sherwani is generally made up of heavier suiting fabrics, silk or wool with lining.With changing fashion, there is a wide range of sherwani designs, fabrics and colors representing the fusion of modernity and ethnicity. There are various styles available in the market suiting to one’s budget. Embroidery work is done on sherwanis to enhance its appearance. There is a huge demand of designers Wedding Sherwani in the latest fashion. The designer Sherwanis comes in some of the different variety of styles, patterns, colors and designs.which makes the Sherwani perfect.
Beautiful Black Sherwani For Men by Nawab Sons
There are different types of latest sherwani designs available today. The hand embroidered designer wears are in great demand these days. These all are Pakistani and Indian Groom Sherwani for Weddings which are designed according to the latest fashion trends

wear by Ladyline boutique

always encourage new talent and brands that are coming in Pakistan fashion industry. One struggling brand name is Ladyline Boutique which is managed by Sooma Sajjad. Here we are interested in Menswear By Ladyline which is organized and managed by Muhammad Raza. They provide all of we guys an easy opportunity to get all types of Branded, Pakistani and Indian menswear. They have got a very big collection of Men shalwar kameez, shawls, printed and embroidered kurtas and groom serwani etc at affordable prices. Their specialty is that they took order and provide shipping worldwide. So all you need to do now is to visit Menswear by ladyline page on facebook and select any kurta or shirt of your choice to wear on Eid.

Latest Fashion Of Kameez Shalwar For girls by Ittehad Textiles

Ittehad Textile Mills has recently Launched Summer Dresses For Men and women in Pakistan. Summer Collection by Ittehad Textiles is beautifully designed for both men and women. The Kameez Shalwar and kurta Salwar for men by ittehad textiles are available in different colors and designs. These Fashion Wear kameez shalwar and kurtas for men are available in decent colors which provides a menly look and one can feel comfortable while wearing these dresses. This year Ittehad Textile mills has launched Cotton and Latha for summer. These cotton and latha suits for men are a beauty to see and you feel comfortable while wearing these dresses of cotton and latha. Here we have attached a few pictures of Summer collection 2011 for men by ittehad textile mills for our valuable readers so that you can choose your spring/summer dresses from a vast variety available at Style.Pk.

Designer Wear Collection For Men by HSY

HSY is one of the famous Pakistani Dress designer. Fashion Designer HSY has launched his latest dresses for men 2011. The latest collection for men by HSY is designed in traditional cuts with heavy embroidery work. These dresses for boys aren’t good for casual wear, but can be worn on parties and weddings. The weddings dresses for men by HSY are available in different designs and colors. Groom dresses by HSY are also designed according to the latest fashion for men in Pakistan. We have collected a few pictures of kurta shalwar for men by HSY for you, which we hope you’ll like.

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We have 100 free articles of wedding tips for wedding couples and guests.Everything from the wedding planning and preparations to the honeymoon. Wedding guest can read about how to plan a bachelor and bachelorette party or what a best man is supposed to do.

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There are many preparations that need to be done before a wedding. Learn what to consider when ordering invitations, thank-you cards and place cards. Also read about flowers for the party, bridal bouquet and what different flowers have meaning. We also have articles on wedding photography and different types of transport from the church.
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Dress & Beauty

Learn about the different wedding dress, such as how to dress, what fabrics you can choose from, and how to preserve the dress. Also read about accessories such as bridal crowns, tiaras, veils, jewelry and flowers. We also have articles about manicures, pedicures and other beauty tips and suggestions on various bridal hairstyles.


Free articles with a lot of ideas for the honeymoon. Get inspired of different types of honeymoons. Read about how to plan a honeymoon for a romantic or adventures couple. We also have destinations guides for Mauritius, Mexico, Hawaii, Rome, Azores, Ireland, Thailand, Scotland and Tusacany.
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Learn how to set the perfect table and find out where the guests should be placed. Read about how to choose a location for the reception and get ideas for suitable music. Also articles about the first dance, party accessories, wedding cake, etc..
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Articles with tips about wedding ceremony. Find out where all the guests to sit in the church, what to consider when talking with the organizer to the marriage and what it costs. Read about the flower girl and ring bearer. We also have articles about throwing rice, ideas for music for the ceremony and what to write in the wedding program.
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We have articles for those who have been assigned an important role at a wedding. Learn to be toastmaster at the party or the best man, bridesmaid or maid at the wedding. You can also read about how to plan a bachelorette or bachelor party, how to prepare for a speech and get tips on various gifts to the bride and groom.
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There is a lot of things to learn about wedding. Here you can get some ideas for your wedding vows or qoutes for the wedding gift. You can also learn more about different dresscodes, flower language and the wedding ring.

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