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Zebra Nail designs, the new coming design for this year

Friday, 8 July 2011

The latest trend in nail design recently is the Zebra nail designs. This design is really come for this season, is really one of the hottest trends at this time. With its design, you can really wear it to work, as it can give your nail a trendy look. With more natural color, you will feel a touch of wild African safari just right at your hand.
The Zebra nail designs are mainly involved with a mix of different color, or color combinations. You can use any color in combination to create your own zebra style, pink with black, gold with black or just the original zebra color, the black and white stripes. Any color that you go for, just based on your test, individual test only.
With some tips here, you can create your Zebra nail designs in the easier way. What you really need for your creations are nail polishes, black and white or pink or gold. Then you do need a thing brush and last, a clear coat.
With all these materials, your art work will start with apply a coat of white nail polish, let it dry before apply the second coat on. With the thin brush, brush it on the white coat to create stripes, 5 strips on each nail. Apply the black polish in each strip, for either side to the middle. Let them completely dry and apply a clear coat to complete the process. Now, you can start to complete the rest of the nails with these procedures.
With your creativity and your skill, you can get more style for these Zebra stripes on your nails. Combine the color together, for your best color matches. With your best matched, apply both colors on and you will surprise by people who look at your nails with impression.

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