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Spring Summer 2011 Fashion Formal Dresses

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Christian Dior showed his resort collection for spring summer 2011. On the couture front, it was trademark Galliano romance: corseted lace dresses and grand ball gowns showered in embroidery, including a candy-pink dégradé silk organza showstopper that just might seduce a new generation of privileged Chinese clients.

Adidas men’s Liverpool personalised 2010 home shirt

If you are Liverpool fan then look no further than the online department store  They have an array of football shirts available in both home and away styles.  One such shirt is the Adidas men’s Liverpool personalised 2010 home shirt which is available to purchase online for a price of £60.00.  The shirt is machine washable and has been created in a Polyester material; it is also the standard Liverpool red in colour.
The great thing about this shirt is you can personalise the garment, in order to do this you simply enter the desired name followed by a space and then a one or two digit numbers online.  This information should be entered in the area entitled ‘shirt details’.
If you require an England shirt also stock the Umbro Men’s England 2009/11 Home shirt.  This modish shirt showcases the new creation of England team wear and will have you supporting your home team in style. The shirt offers classic tailoring and also features the England badge on the left side.
This Umbro football shirt is the official England team shirt that was worn for the 2010 football tournament in South Africa.  The garment is both comfortable and breathable therefore is great attire for many sports as it performs extremely well through using the Umbro garment technology.  This consists of a collection of 4 small holes placed in the back of the shirt and 3 underneath each arm, this to allow for breath ability when playing intense sport.
The shirt is priced at £49.00 and consists of 80% polyester and 20% cotton and comes in the standard White colours. Get it from the popular online store Very, and pair it with a pair of shorts and some comfy mens trainers. Very offers everything you could possibly need when it comes to sports clothing.

Night Party Time: Mori Lee Prom Dresses 2010

We have selected some short strapless prom dresses for those who like to look girlish and party on the prom night 2010.
This short organza purple prom dress has a lilac sweetheart neckline bodice that leads into a tulle purple skirt. A black sash and purple side flower complete this amazing look for prom!
Sophisticated and Glamorous for Prom 2010! New for Mori Lee 2010, this short black and white prom dress is made of tulle with a beaded strapless bodice. A black sash gives the entire look a glamorous touch!
You will stand out in this Mori Lee 2010 prom dress! Short and sassy, this purple/ black dress features a sequined strapless bodice, tulle skirt, and a side flower to complete the look. Perfect for prom!
New 2010 Sherri Hill prom dress! Light up the dance floor in this fun little party short dress!! Layers of sparkling dotted metallic tulle, a bodice of tiny layered sequins and a taffeta sash are the perfect combination to make you the hit of the night.

Idea for the 2011 Prom dresses

Prom, a formal dance for high school or college class (or graduation party), is typically arrange at the end of academic year. Girls are more excited for the dress on this event than boys, which normally suit in the tuxedo or formal suit. The 2011 prom dress should be carefully decided with good quality material and fit with your body.
You cannot choose the 2011 prom dress just because you think it look good in the paper/model. You need to find out your body shape characteristic and try to match with all those 2011 prom dress style. Pay attention on the dress you try on and listen to all the comments (both good and bad comment on that particular dress).
Each person always has both strong and weak points for getting the right dress. Choose the one that represent yourself the most. Black, white or silver dresses are the classic color for all party type, including the prom. However, if you want to get more attention, colorful dresses like lemon-lime, fuchsia and emerald green can be the other choice for yourself.

Top Fashion Schools – To Profession in the Fashion Industry

Top fashion schools offer a wide diversity of courses in preparing students for employment in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is permanently changing due to the fact that individuals always like to buy modern clothes. If you assume you ‘ve got what takes to become the next big thing, the first thing you need is an education in fashion design at one of the top fashion schools.
Fashion program official recognition is an universal indicator of quality, focusing more on the quality of academics and the rigor of training at a school. In order to turn out to be certified, all the top fashion schools gone throughout a very complicated certification procedure with the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. The accreditation committee is in charge with the evaluation process.
If you’ re interested in having a profession in the fashion industry, there are lots of top fashion schools that can meet your expectations. It’ s up to you if you choose the traditional on-campus or the on line approach. Whether you aim for a profession in fashion design, fashion merchandising or the manufacturing of clothes, a well documented list of top fashion schools is going to be a stepping stone towards your preferred career in this business.
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division will suit individuals not willing to move to a campus, offering degrees and diplomas while permitting you to set your own schedule. Students looking for preparation in sales strategies could find their Fashion and Retail Management program extremely appealing.
With programs both web-based and on campus and one of the top fashion schools, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco gives a fashion major with instructors who actually are working in their industries, thus being capable to link real life experiences as they apply to the courses.
Across US there are 14 art institutions that are included in the top fashion schools category, where you can learn everything about fashion design strategies, marketing and merchandising methods. There are Fashion Institutes that have campuses in fashion centers such as New York or L.A.
If you ‘re interested in getting as far away from home as possible, there are top fashion schools overseas which can provide you with a quality fashion instruction. One of the prominent schools is the American Intercontinental University at London that offers these degrees: an American and a British Bachelor’s, a Bachelor of fine Arts in Design and as well an Associate of Arts program in Fashion Marketing.
If you would love to find out more about fashion, there is the Cornell University in NY with its Section of Fiber Science and Clothing Design. This institution of higher education offers to its college students an undergraduate major. There are a number of 4 levels available: Fiber Science (MS and doctorate programs) and also Apparel Design (Masters’ and Doctorate programs).
Also, in your search for top fashion schools consider the Texas Women’s University, with fashion courses taught at the Denton campus. Their Fashion and textiles division offers degree programs for a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and a Bachelor of Science degree in Fashion Merchandising.

70’s Women Fashion Trend for 2011 Fashion Designers

For 2011 Fashion Designers, both fashion and color trend from the 70’s period is probably back on stage again. As can be seen from New York fashion week, the show for current trends and fashion in the beginning of the year.
2011 Fashion designers can go with fabrics like silk, satin or velvet for daily wear, for example full-leg trousers, pleated skirts, knee-to-calf length skirt. With red color shade like plum and cranberry for both winter and fall fashion designed. Green, also be in for this year color trends, and it will definitely go with the winter white shade, instead of neutral shade in the past few years.
Wider pants and fluid blouses are also in for the 2011 Fashion designers. Completed with boots and woolen socks, the Americana and Heritage trends are back on the stage for men fashion this year.
This look will bring the aesthetic feeling back for men. Together with the classic style, men will looks more normal with the mixed and matched fashion in this coming year.
The best style for this coming season is a trim fit style. Skin tight pant is not likely to be the first to come, but trim fit pant with well proportion is really coming.
With layering jumpers, blazers is the main key for protect yourself from different changing in temperature during the day in the fall season. Together with trench coat, you will be able to put one on and change to the other coat style in the daytime, if you really want to get a new look in that particular time.

Top 10 Qualities of a great fashion designer

The fashion industry is exploding and everyone, it seems, is vying for a part in the action. To get ahead in the business and sit with the ranks of Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, you as an aspiring designer should have some of the same qualities as the world’s top designers. Here are some of the qualities you’ll need to succeed as a designer:
1. Strong Business Sense
A great fashion designer has excellent business skills. You understand budgets, marketing, and sales concepts that are vital to getting designs produced and sold.
2. Good Communication
A number of people are involved in the creation of a garment, and as designer, you must be able to effectively communicate to everyone involved what he or she expects.
3. Sense of Competition
You continually strive to do better than your peers to come up with quality innovative designs quickly.
4. Highly Creative
You have a great sense of style and are constantly coming up with new ideas for fashions.
5. Strong Drawing Skills
Excellent drawing skills mean you can easily sketch your ideas onto paper to start the production process.
6. Good Eye for Materials
You have an eye for the materials of a garment, as well as the elements that make it unique, such as color and fabric.
7. Strong Sewing Skills
You can construct the garments you design. You understand what materials work best in the designs you are developing.
8. Team Player
Great fashion designers work well as part of a team. Designing a garment for production involves the work of many, from pattern making to sewing to shipping. As designer, you must be able to work well with all involved.
9. Knowledgeable of Current Fashion Trends
You follows trends and have a good eye for anticipating what your audience will respond to next.
10. Strong Visualization Abilities
Good fashion designers can visualize a garment before ever putting an idea on paper. You can see the finished product well before production and can put your ideas into words and onto paper so others can grasp the idea as well.

Pick up tips for spring 2011 fashion colors

If you are looking for the spring 2011 fashion colors chosen by New York designers, you will surely find all out here. With all selected PANTONE colors for this spring 2011 fashion colors, you can matched up all colors you want and used our suggestions as your color selection guide. If you want to know more in details about how to get these top 10 colors, visit the Pantone website and all information will be await there.

1. Honeysuckle, this pinkish-red color can compliment most of natural skin color. So, it would be an easy color to go for anyone.
2. Coral Rose, with its warm orange tone, the coral rose is partially a mixture of Asia and Africa.
3. Peapod color, with its spring green tone, it is the mark of spring beginning.
4. Beewax color, a honey with warm yellowish is just reminded your feeling of the East.
5. Silver Peony color, a kind of pink in silver shade will trigger you all about spring 2001 fashion colors.
6. Russet color, with beige and deep pink tone, easily reminds you about the Spanish clay.
7. Regatta color, for blue-lover with vibrant teal-like shade inside.
8. Blue Curacao, another color for blue-lover. But this color has a turquoise tinge for Caribbean seas, perfect tone in this spring 2001 fashion colors.
9. Lavender, a lovely hue purple which always popular with Coral Rose and Beeswax.
10. Silver Cloud, with this neutral silver tone, it will easily match up with any other color for this spring 2011 fashion colors.

Latest collections of Spring 2011: Hermes, Chanel

The New York 2011 Spring and Summer Fashion week from September 8th has presented us with the latest collections of 2011. Though now it is no longer considered new, still, we can have a closer look at the fashion items, which will become the hottest stuff next year, to get some hint about the trendy elements. From that beginning of the Week, the site of fashion week was changed from Bryant Park to Lincoln center. It didn`t mean the changes of New York fashion week was as easy as moving from one park to another. After all, the new site was the whole Lincoln center.
Designers from each brand poured into a lot of painstaking care. Different styles will meet different needs of the public. No matter from the Wall street elite female images of Alexander Wang, or the fur style from Chanel, chivalrousness from Dior, 70s American sport style of MacGibbon, detective style from Hermes, no one does not show the thinking of designers.
This time, Chanel adopted man-made fur instead of real fur. Compared with before, the products of this season from Chanel tend closer to C-design, but not ready-to-wear. Hermes continues the style of its 2010 autumn and winter garments. Sherlock Holms style still prevails. Hats and umbrellas in Sherlock Holms style appeared almost in every model`s head and hand. Sherlock Holms style long wind coats with the hats and umbrellas spread out heroic spirit and sagacity. No matter you are a Holms` fan or not, you will love them at the first sight.
In every model`s hand, there is an Hermes handbag. The colors are still the classic ones, such as black, brown, grey, orange etc. It is thus clear that owning several Hermes handbags in classic colors is so important. You can make them go well with your dressings in every season. Compared with other brands, I still love Hermes. The garments from Hermes always show females tall and beautiful figures. Although the designs are simple and colors are not as fresh as Chanel, the noble temperament with Hermes clothes and handbags is unique. No matter of Hermes garments, or Hermes handbags, such as Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly, both of them can be called good partners to make you confident and noble. They are like supernatural spirits who always send out marvels unexpectedly.
With the the help of all the fashion weeks, we can expect the fashion trends next year. Isn’t it a pretty exciting thing? So are you ready? Join the fashionistas and make yourself the fashion queen in next spring!

Alexis Mabille Fall 2011 Designs

Alexis Mabille Fall 2011
The fashion world is all excited thanks to some excellent Alexis Mabille fall 2011 designs. There are some interesting colors and fabrics and a unique use of different elements. Alexis Mabille fall 2011 designs slightly deviate from the designer’s original style where one could see the use of a lot of feminine totems even in men’s wear. The designer is known for the excessive use of bows in both men and women’s dresses that have been designed in the past. However, in recent times there are a few things that were different. The skinny jeans laced up to the leg like a corset was one of the distinctly new designs with the cuteness factor very much alive. There are tulle tees and brocade pants with some embroidery and use of metal. While the former had Mabilli-ified whisky logos the latter was seen gilted.
There were some interesting choices of colors and fabrics that were a touch different. These evoked mixed responses from the experts of the fashion world. Some of the prints and cuts of the dresses took one back to the 70s styling. Good examples were paisley prints, handkerchief hemlines, coats inspired by tuxedos of the yesteryear and pants that fit very loosely. Some of the cuts and patterns of the costumes by Alexis Mabille had a great touch of artistry while at some places the patterns seem to be overdone with. Braided and tasseled belts have also been used extensively, in keeping with the latest trends that are storming the fashion world. These belts with a rope-like texture, thick braiding and nautical feel are as good as they get.
One of the most interesting things noted in the Alexis Mabille fall 2011 designs is a touch of Moroccan influence as far as the prints and style are concerned. A distinct feature is the fur collar in some of the costumes. Printed think looks seemed to be the focus and the beautiful lining with the use of several different colors is another aspect that is screaming for attention. There are some one shouldered dresses and long sleeved dresses too for the women. These experiments with the shoulders seemed to have really worked as there is quite some demand for these designs at present. The cuff and jewelry is also something worth appreciating. All in all, the women’s collection with its flattering linings, interesting and innovative cuts and some distinct features, has found quite a few admirers.

Fashion Designer Salaries

Fashion Designer Salaries – A Desirable Career With High Pay
Fashion design is a career choice desired by many. The glamour, creativity, and earning potential, along with names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, Mark James, and Yves Saint Laurent, convey visions of glamorous clothes, red carpet events, celebrities, fame, and big bucks. However, the reality could not be farther from the truth. Those who choose careers in fashion design have beginning salaries below $30,000 a year; however, hard work, resolve, creativity, and the ability to stand out, can result in earning millions during the course of a career.
People associate fashion design with high profile designers who lend their name to the clothes we wear. Those who enjoy the world of fashion, but require job and income stability, have more secure opportunities available. Employment abounds in mass marketing and manufacturing. These garments are designed for retail and discount chains. As middle class demands increase for fashionable, yet affordable, clothing, these designers and manufacturers continue to grow in popularity. Beginning salaries in mass marketing average $30,000 a year; however, creating designs that are unique and functional, leads to potential income of $78, 000 or more per year.
Designer salaries are often dictated by employment. As mentioned above, designers who work for manufacturers can expect to make between $56,000 and $73,000 a year.
Design firms, franchises, universities, and design houses offer middle road salaries; somewhere between, $45,000 and $51,000 annual income.
Designers who choose the path of self-employment begin with a salary of $35,000 a year, but it is often these designers who have the greatest earning potential. While rare, these designers often create have their own label and design houses; their name brand label will command millions.
Employment location influences the salary of fashion designers. Unlike other industries, fashion design is focused in major U.S. cities. The greatest earning potential is found in cities such as San Francisco ($69,000 a year), Dallas ($67,000 a year), Los Angeles ($57,000 a year), Seattle ($56,000 a year) Miami ($45,000) and Chicago ($43,000 a year). Interestingly, although considered the design capital of the world, New York has third place honors with salaries averaging $63,000 annually. New York is inundated with new designers each year. Salaries are kept low, especially for those new to the industry, to test their mettle, and commitment to the industry.
Other factors that determine salary are education and experience. Designers, who have graduated from esteemed universities and design schools, garner higher salaries. Creativity, talent, and reputation allow a designer to stand out amongst competitors, and further increases income potential. Designers who respect their clients and employees have higher incomes and do not forget a client base of well known celebrities and headliners will boost a designer to the top of the salary scale.
As with any career choice, many factors including education, drive, creativity, location, and just plain hard work, will ultimately determine lifetime income for a fashion designer. For those willing to take risks, and search for prime opportunities, life time income is only limited by creativity and imagination.

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