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Better start for your nail paint design

Friday, 8 July 2011

Nails design or nails decoration is more common to women than men. Nail paint design only need your imagination and creative skills, to transformed your normal nail to special one. With the nail kit tools and its product, you can start your DIY nail designs at home.
First, get a paper and draw what your want to put on your nail. The most popular designs are flowers, polka dots and stripes. Do some practice on paper work before start with your nails, to get ready for the best of yourself.
Then, based on your design, use either the end of nail polish brush or a toothpick to add nail polishing on your nail paint design.  With a toothpick, you can get a thinner line compare with a brush. Finish all line on your design.
You can start your nail painting when a solid coat on your nail is dry. If you want to do it by yourself, try to start with a middle finger first, to be on the safe side. With your nail paint design, for example with flowers you can dab a dot of nail color of your choice into the middle of each nail. Then, make more dabs around the first dot, to complete the whole design. If you did some mistake, add a polish a little more (in case a polish is not enough in your design) or wipe it out before it dries (in case you add a polish too much on your nail). When you finish the flowers, add the other detail (leaves, etc.) to get the whole design on your nail. With the polka dots design, you can use only brush to dab nail color you want onto the design. The thicker stripes can be done in the same way, using only nail brush.
Toothpicks, is very useful if you want to paint anything more delicate onto your nail paint design. Remember to get an easy design to start with, otherwise, with the more complex design it will be too difficult to finish and you might not be able to get the best one as you expected, for the nail paint design beginner.
With the more practice on your nail, the most beautiful and unique style you will get for yourself. With your nail design skill, you will be able to decorate your nail according to various seasons or special occasion in your life.

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