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Summer 2011 Nail Colors For the Fashion Conscious

Friday, 8 July 2011

Summer 2011 Nail Colors
Summer 2011 nail colors are flashy, bold and eye-catching. There is nothing subtle about a lot of colors that are being seen this season. A lot of celebrities have been seen in dazzling nail colors to match the glitz and glamour of their outfits. There is a lot of experimentation as far as the shades being used. Unique colors, not seen earlier on the fashion scene are making their way to the nails of the fashion conscious folks. Nudes and classic reds are amongst the most popular summer 2011, nail colors. Bright nail colors are also being used for fashion shows contrasting bright lips.
The arrays of bright colors that are becoming trendier by the day include glossy, electric and bold blue and eye popping green. Glossy rich pinks and reds are ruling the runway shows and are being favored by a lot of fashion designers as well. An interesting pattern is the way people choose to match the color of their lips and nails. While some prefer to match bold colors of lips with that of nails, others prefer to go with flashy nails combined with demure and subtle lip colors.
Grey and black, colors which were seldom considered for nails until now are also quite trendy these days. Darker colors and shades like navy blue and purple are also popular summer 2011, nail colors and are preferred even during makeup and manicures. An interesting arrival at the fashion scene is the dark glossiness, combined with metallic and silvery variations of grey. These shades are considered to be hot this season. Colors like orange are also being tried out especially for the weekend parties.
The gorgeous and utterly fresh shades this season seem to be highly favored by everyone. Pastels and metallic grays combine greatly with the sleek nudes to make this season different and special as far as nail colors are certainly concerned. The colors are also rich and creamy, good examples being bright blues, velvety purple and pinks with shades of peach in them. Top designers are favoring this palette of pastels too as seen across all the spring shows. There are some interesting shades thrown in the mix too like gun metal which could raise eye brows. High gloss colors on your nails make them look more provocative but with a lot of people reasonably comfortable with it, the trend might be here to stay for a while.

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