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Are they real? How big are they? THEY’RE MASSIVE!! You need to go on a diet.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Having a fuller bust can come with its own set of problems.  We’ve already done a post on the top five fuller busted problems which involve boobs being given more attention than your face, and it is a wonderful yet annoying fact of life, that if you have bigger breasts, you are the subject of admiration, jealousy and sometimes unadulterated lust!

All of this can contribute to an emotional rollercoaster of a boosted ego, feeling like an object, and sometimes just wanting to wear your baggiest clothes to escape the staring.  There can sometimes also be a complete misconnection that if you have larger breasts then you are automatically fat!  We are all made in different ways, and to say that a larger bust size means you spend your life sitting, eating samosas and stuffing your face with ice cream, is an unfair assumption.  Famous figures like actress Christina Hendricks, Chef Nigella Lawson, and voluptuous beauty and iconic style icon Marilyn Monroe have shown that an hourglass figure is desirable and healthy.

As well as your larger breasts making people tell you that you’re fat, there can also be an automatic impression that you’ve had your assets surgically enhanced!  The stars of the adult entertainment industry and their fuller bust also do not help in contributing to a wholesome image of fuller busted ladies. However, behind each story of plastic surgery, there is an individual with their own set of issues, insecurities and perhaps even health issues that have led them down a surgical route.

A heaving bosom is used as a tool to sell many commercial items, from a Bollywood film, to perfume, cars, and lifestyle accessories, to lend an element of sexy intrigue to a product that may have nothing to do with lingerie!  This is deeply ironic when you consider the difficulty many lingerie companies have in using cleavage to advertise their very practical and life-enhancing bras or briefs.  This shows how far India has to come in accepting a bust to be shown in the public domain…never mind a fuller one!

If you are a curvaceous woman, be proud of your curves.  Don’t hide them away with ugly minimizer bras or layers of clothes.  See our advice on dressing for your bust if you have a fuller figure, and also check out our advice on sexy bras for fuller figures.  Wearing a bra that fits you well, supports and lifts your amazing curves, will give you more confidence and pride in your appearance.   Get fitted regularly, and encourage your family and friends to wear well-fitting and supportive underwear.  We can all try to follow advice to minimise sagging if that is your major concern too.

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