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Warhol's Superstars

Sunday, 7 August 2011

"Everything has its beauty," Andy Warhol once said. "But not everyone sees it." At the height of the sixties, the artist made hundreds of films starring a coterie of socialites, models, teenage ex-cons, transvestites, and street urchins. He called them his Superstars, and while they didn't always conform to Hollywood's definition of pretty, all of them were fabulous—a virtual requirement for making it through the door at the Factory. There were the mascara-loving It girls Nico and Edie Sedgwick, the glamorously aristocratic and voluminously blonde "Baby" Jane Holzer, and the tragic Ingrid Superstar, whose real name, life pre-Warhol, and unexplained disappearance are still shrouded in mystery. And don't forget Ultra Violet and Viva, the latter of whom was on the phone with Warhol when he was shot by Valerie Solanas.

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