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Italian Fashion style

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Italy is a country that has been synonymous with Fashion since time immemorial so it's hardly surprising that Italian policemen wear uniforms designed by Armani. The streets of Rome are always brimming with impeccably dressed women donning the latest designs. What is truly fascinating about the Italian fashion style is their desire to stand out. One can see that the normal Italians, the women who go to work each morning do not dress to blend in with the crowd
but instead they dress to highlight their best features, thereby making them stand out in a crowd.

Italian fashion style can be loud yet subtle at the same time, the women dress to look sexy but manage to pull it off elegantly without bordering on the feared 'V' word-Vulgar. While looks and styles do change every season, the look on the street is distinctly different from the look on the ramps. The modern Italian women dresses to suit her comfort and to portray her individual style and the one accessory they all love to splurge on is footwear.

Footwear is by far the deciding factor in Italian fashion style and here style scores above comfort. Women are willing to pay hundreds and thousands of euros for the latest pair of stilettos. Anyone who's walked down Rome's cobblestone streets will know how difficult it is to walk on them wearing heels which are at least 4 inches high. But the women who wear them manage to make it look as easy as walking the ramp. So, yes if you want to dress like the Italians, the first thing you need to invest in is high heeled, preferably pointed toed pair of shoes. Ignore the discomfort; at least you have style by your side.

Another common factor on the Italian street wear scene is denim. Jeans are no doubt an American creation but it were the Italians who stylized them into something worthy of having the terms 'style' and fashion associated to it. The Italian women are most particular about the fit, for instance this season the jeans ought to look like a part of your body till the knees from where they gradually taper outwards. Stone washed jeans too are rather popular and it's almost a cardinal sin to wear jeans in the wrong color and fit. However, it's not merely the jeans, Denim jackets and skirts are equally popular.

Besides that most women have some individualistic style statement, like probably a nose stud, a crystal one preferably not the loud garish ones but small, subtle and elegant. For an evening out, most women dress in evening wear that is popular in that season, dresses and skirts. For the record, not all Italian women don the latestdesigner brands; there are great inexpensive shops in Rome where you can pick up knock offs and imitations at a steal. The key ingredient of Italian fashion style, one would have to say is individuality and self-expression. It's true though that no one makes magic with clothes the way Italians can!

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