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50s Style Fashion

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Fashion repeats itself. So it is wrong to think that your closet, filled with a latest range of clothes, will soon turn into a stock of out dated clothes. 50s Fashion can be considered to be the first recorded fashion trend. Before that fashion was largely confined to the life of the elite. Theydeserveit will provide you with information on 50s Style Fashion .
The list we would like to present before you is not exhaustive, but it can give you a bird's eye view of the integral part of the fashion of 50s. The knit wear, leather Jackets, 50s Vintage Denims, scarves, fashionable bags, stockings, costume jewelry and accessories started being recognized as the part of fashion.
The Fashion of 1950s is mainly the gift of Dior. Most of the attires in the 50s are voluminous. But there are sleek designs by designers like, Jacques Fath. Hubert de Givenchy's Sack dress bore the tread mark 50s style. The encrusted embroidered jewelry complemented the style of the 50s well.
The European couturiers like, Coco Chanel, Molyneux, Nina Ricci, Fabiani, Madame Gres, etc took the fashion in 1950s to a new height and attributed a new definition to it. In America, Claire McCardell, Mainbocher, Galanos, Pauline Trigere made their mark on the field of fashion.
Only the elite could afford the design of the day, the poor and the middleclass settled for the cheaper products available in the ordinary department shops. But the aura of the French couture invaded even in the cheapest of the departmental stores. So fashion for the ordinary mass was largely the result of the French invasion into the world of Fashion.
The economic boom in the post war Europe gave birth to the industry of cheaper designer clothes with high production capacity. The apparels to be worn in the day were marked with a vivid feminine cut. Women, after being unshackled from the age old deprivation craved for the fashion more delicate and more gorgeous. Evening wears started being produced according to their choice. The specialties of the dresses were thin waist and low neck. Taffetas, lace, nets, satin, chiffon and nylon started being used indiscriminately as the material of dresses.
50s fashion is considered to be a result of the post war boom in the world economy. Even poor women broke out of the age old practice of wearing whatever you get. Theydeserveit gives you information on the 50s Style Fashion .

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