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Finger Trips

Monday, 8 August 2011

All women love fashion, all these catwalk styles are just gorgeous, but most of them we can’t wear daily. And all these luxury accessories are really amazing, but we can’t afford them and they might be too much for daily wear too. So why shouldn’t we try something different, not luxury fashion designer pieces, but interestingly weirdly designed gadgets. Check out these fun Architecture Rings.
How close can you be to Paris, New York and Moscow? When came into the same question, my answer may seem quite surprising: one finger‘s distance only. Look at these Architecture Rings designed by Philipe Tournaire, each of them features a famous project around the world and therefore to make you part of Paris, New York and Moscow, too. Yeah, that feels good.
They of course wouldn’t be as stunning as a Tiffany ring, but they do have a different sense that worth a second look. Having these little constructions on your fingers is quite a funny thing, and I hope you enjoy the “finger trips”.

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