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Fashion Week Night Lifes

Friday, 5 August 2011

Ok, seriously backed up here. These pictures are from last night's events. I ended up going to three parties. However, I will only write about two. A PR rep for the celebrity that was the honoree was such a SNOB and so unbelievable rude so I couldn't get near the talent.

The first set of pictures is from The Budget Fashionista's Fifth Anniversary Bash. I have to say, out of the three I attended, I had the most fun here. There was such an energy in the room. It was held at the Housing Works Thrift Shop on 17th and 6th and they turned the room into a great space. At the party, massages and manicures were offered which was a nice twist. AND you got a free fitting for a pair of jeans that promise to be the best fit yet! They didn't have my size by the time I got there, but I got a gift certificate to get my pair at a later date. FUN!
Afterwards, we ended up at the Bloomingdales' SoHo event. This VIP cocktail event showcased photos from celebrity photographer Nigel Barker and was hosted by Elle and American Photo magazine. It was H-O-T. And I'm not talking the crowd... I'm talking temperature. Waaaayyyy too many people. It was almost stifling! By the time I got home, I hardly had make up on. They stopped letting people in at around 9:30 and there was a LINE of fashionistas utterly disappointed.
And I just have to post this picture. My husband recited this quote to me a million times throughout the evening as if it was the best philosophy he ever heard. We were so deliriously dehydrated at that point, that I would crack up each time.

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