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The Fashion Videotorial: Homeless Couture from Ladies Room

Monday, 8 August 2011

Director/ Executive Producer: RaVal Davis

Art Director & Producer: Gia Gilliard

Videographer/ Editor: Nicole Januarie

Stylist: Kimberly V

Photographer: Jessie Nunez

Makeup: Tiffany Garlick

Model : Cindy Wright

Clothing credits:

Limited Edition Boot by Doc Marten

Sequins Athletic Shoe: stylist own

Jacket: Top Shop

Waist Coat: Necessary Clothing

Dress: Deola Sagoe

Rings: Noir

Fingerless Gloves: Marc Jacobs

Necklace: custom available upon request

Red Scarf: custom

leather Jacket: malibu

Earrings: The earring Plaza

Stocking: H&M

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