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Friday, 5 August 2011

Though fashion has today become the rule of all walks of life, its origins can be traced back to those times when it was the monopoly of the nobility. The crown and the nobility, better known as the Victorian and Elizabethan in the context of England, adored and represented the corset and gown culture. With the gradual advancement of modernization which demanded wearing easy to carry garments with easy construction patterns, Elizabethan fashion slowly got replaced by the retro type fashion. Post war American fashion included broad shoulders, floral ties, straight-legged pants, and shirts having long pointed collars, frequently left to hang out rather than tucked in. This fashion became pretty popular with the European men and certain London manufacturers surfaced with a revival of the Edwardian style in men's fashion. They simultaneously adopted a tight fitting retro style intended to attract the traditionalists. The retro look is mostly intended to be appealing to the respectable young men in town and finally the trend earned the name, Teddy boy Style . The trends of retro was somewhat altered with the advent of the new retro style and to some extent it opposed the retro style. Learn where you can find classic products and learn more about classic gifts from vendors like The Vermont Country Store.
Black & Green Leopard Printed Faux Fur Belt representing the Retro fashion of the 50's. This belt offers a glamorous effect when worn with jeans and skirts. Made out of soft faux fur this belt has synthetic leather back.
Adult Retro Waitress Dress - This pink or black costume is one of the best sellers to revive the fashion in today's genre.
Retro Rags V-Neck Jersey Dress - This V-neck jersey dress from Retro Rags somewhat represents a canvas to go with the right jewelry, handbag and shoes.
Retro Asian Print Silk Dress- This dress is mostly inspired by the Far East and this dress renders a funky playful impression.
Lingerie Mini Dresses: This is a stretchable satin retro mini dress with garters which comes in various different colors and sizes to choose from.
Mini Skirts: With the perfect cut and constructions makes an alluring party and disco wear.
Amari Wine Dress: It adds a retro twist resulting to a completely adorable dress.
Adult Retro Swirl Mini Dress - This costume renders the effect of a groovy party wear and is equally appropriate for a disc wear.
Ruby Rox Scarf-Print Baby doll Dress- This dress is known for its excellent play of psychedelic colors in a retro paisley scarf print in satin.
Espressione Cafe Retro Espresso Machine- This little black dress was a must have during the genre of emergence of the retro fashion.
The retro dresses of the 70's discos and parties render a casual feel and funky appeal. It also offers a collection of leisure suits, funky disc shirts and wild 70's vintage disco men's platform shoes and fun polyester disco pants. Few of the popular women's wear among retro style are, swing skirt, skirt in pencil style and mostly tight pants. The realm of fashion has spread far and wide and retro style acquired an equally important position. To know more about fashion dress retro style browse through .

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