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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Save a bob or two and still look like a million bucks
By Kashmir Brummel and Kat Hartmann
Save on legwork and money by shopping online
Considering Sydney’s swift ascension up the Mercer Cost of Living index in recent years to become the 21st most expensive city in the world to live (the sole representative from Australasia in the top 50) there is clearly no shortage of ways to blow the budget in this fair city of ours. If you want to look the part without the price tag to match, here’s our guide to online cut-price couture.

Frock You 
Providing shoppers with clothing at the more affordable end of the scale, Frock You stocks items from brands like Chip Chop!, Dolly Rockers and One Teaspoon. But despite the name, there’s plenty more than just frocks here, with bags, swimwear, jewellery and shoes added to the mix. They also have a great range of basics at very basic prices. They also have an Ebay page to add the excitement of an auction to the experience.
Sydney’s Vintage Clothing 
It’s what fashion erudites have been dreaming of for years: a site that brings Vinnies, and snippets of what Dior’s private wardrobe may or may not have looked like 60 years ago – together at last. And, at the risk of sounding like a Persian carpet advert, for a fraction of the prices charged in shops. The added bonus of SVC’s site is that they also have a mailout that will inform you of private sales around the city when they occur.

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