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The Coolest Hairstyles for Teens

Saturday, 6 August 2011

This is a really cool short teen haircut. It is a photo from a few years ago, but it still looks very sharp and edgy like it could be in fashion today. In some ways it is actually better than Victoria Beckham's famous cut--the hottest hairstyle today--because this beveled hair design is messy and has the cool shattered look which is better for teens. The texture is much more interesting that Victoria's, too. The bangs are full and at all angles but it looks right with the rest of her hair.
This is the teen hairstyle for girls that like the scruffy look. It is not quite a punk hairstyle but it is getting close. It would look good with a black leather jacket for going out if you don't want to do this high-maintenance style every day. It's a bit like a bedhead hairstyle but an extreme one at that.

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