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Friday, 29 July 2011

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Smartwool® was born with comfortable performance in mind. The founders were New England ski instructors struggling to keep their feet warm. After trying a variety of materials, they rediscovered an age old classic: wool. But while these socks may have been warm, they were itchy and shrank in the wash. So they worked on a process to make them soft and easy to care for. Smartwool® was born on a simple tenet: keeping feet comfortable in all conditions. Try a pair and see why "Wearing is Believing".

SmartWool® has been proud of its "green" roots so to speak. Since their primary ingredient, New Zealand Merino wool, is a sustainable resource that comes from happy free-roaming sheep, SmartWool® is able to produce exceptionally breathable, natural and renewable socks. Partnering with their New Zealand suppliers, they were able to forge a healthier path for their growers, the Merino sheep used and their environment in which they live. The Zque™ program combines the superior comfort and performance attributes of New Zealand Merino fiber with an accreditation process to ensure environmental, social and economic sustainability, and animal welfare. Zque™ growers are compliant with the New Zealand Resource Management Act (1991) which establishes rules to protect the environment. SmartWool® has worked hard to give their customers peace of mind, and they have the socks to prove it.

SmartWool® continues to take it to the next level. Pushing the envelope if you will. With the addition of the Smartwool® men's and women's apparel, along with their solidified position as a sock leader - Smartwool's® future looks absolutely bright.

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