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Men's spring 2011 fashion trends: key looks

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

They never actually go out of fashion, but they do evolve over the course of several years. So what suit styles are in fashion for spring / summer 2011? has put together a thorough guide on the modern men's suit that will take you through cuts and colours, and help you decide all the elements you'll want in a good quality piece for spring / summer 2011. Follow the link to read more.

Men's skinny jeans have had their day. That's not to say they're out of fashion, but they've peaked and as far as men's fashion trends in spring / summer 2011 go they've been replaced by a style with quite a large difference. For the first warm season of 2011 men's flared jeans are back. Follow the link to find out whose designing them, how to wear them and what to avoid.

It's a trend that's in for women in spring 2011, and visual elements of the motorcycle look are also in for men. Spearheaded by a number of design houses, including Burberry, the main element of this men's trend is obviously the motorcycle jacket. For more inspiration on the trend take a look at the men's motorcycle fashion guide, which goes into some detail about the differences of what's in for men versus women.

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