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Lo Boheme

Monday, 25 July 2011

I decided about .2 milliseconds after we got engaged that I didn't want to wear a veil. I do think they have their place in bridal fare, but they aren't really my style.

I do, however, fancy the idea of a beautiful hair accessory or headband. There seems to be an unintentional recurring theme of "vintage" cropping up in all of our inspiration photos for the wedding, so I really think a 1940's inspired headpiece might be just the ticket.

I think I've blogged about this vendor once or twice before, however I couldn't help but revisit their site today to oogle their goodies. Meet the loveliness of Lo Boheme.

From hair accessories to veils and garters, Lo Boheme seems to carry it all. Even if you aren't a budding bride, they have amazingly constructed couture headpieces, jewelry and more, sure to spice up any outfit.

I was immediately drawn to this one, the Claudine Bridal Hair Facinator. I have a fetish for feathers and its not-overwhelming-but-big-enough-to-get-noticed size fits my style to a "T".

And tell me, what girl wouldn't want to wear something in her hair called a Facinator.

I also fell head over heels for the gorgeous garter collection offered by LB, as well. I'm about 99% sure I'll be placing an order for the Cass Bridal Garter in ivory this weekend.

Whatver you're doing or wearing this weekend, please go make it a good one, m'kay? I'll see y'all back here on Monday morning.

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