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Milan Spring Fashions

Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Blumarine Transformation for Spring 2010

As everyone involved in the fashion business knows, the Milan Fashion Week for Spring fashions is usually the third in a row of four fashion weeks. The first Fashion Week for Spring hits New York in September, moves on to London the next week, followed by a week in Milan, and ends up with a week of fashion in Paris.

The Milan Fashion Week which ran from 23rd to 30th September 2009 had its own share of hits and flops, and of buyers, fashion editors and fashionistas gracing shows by various Italian designers.
Alberta Ferretti Dresses Spring 2010
Life in Italy brings you an overview of a few of the major Italian designer collectionsthat hit the ramp, from the delicate femininity of Alberta Ferretti to the in-your-face glam of Donatella Versace.

Alberta Ferretti at Milan Fashion Week September 2009

No one does chiffony, romantic dresses like Alberta Ferretti, and in a season where floaty dresses are a rage on the ramps of most designers, Ferretti was right at home. While the designer did relent a little by creating a few belted no-frills dresses and ensembles in beige and ivory, it was in her lingerie-and-sexy-nightgown-inspired numbers that she showed her complete mastery.
Ferretti's frothy dresses ranged from the plain to embellished and printed, and she made sure that an Italian woman need look no further than the Alberta Ferretti brand to find a delicate Spring dress for that special occasion.

Armani at Milan Fashion Week September 2009

Armani's Spring Looks for 2010
This fashion guru usually keeps it pale and unpretentious when it comes to Spring, but this year there was color on the Armani ramps, in stark contrast with the austere theatre venue with ivory slip covers on the seats. The lengths stuck to short, whether for dresses or for skirts.
Despite being known for his reserve, Armani sent out model clad in fun clothes forSpring fashions 2010: a few exaggerated shoulders, short bubble skirts, harem pants teamed with cropped tailored jackets. Even the evening dresses were short instead of long, in some cases worn with sparkly shorts underneath.
It looked like Armani had fun designing this collection, or perhaps it was a deliberate message sent out to those who are churning the rumor mills with talk about his ill-health, or a possible sale of his azienda.

Blumarine at Milan Fashion Week September 2009

Blumarine has always been a bit about romance. But in the last few seasons, this brand is undergoing a transformation into witty, accessible clothing for outgoing women. Witness the last Fall collection: bright, unsettling, over-the-top. One does not see this change at first this season, because the Blumarine look for Spring 2010 has tie-dye written on most of it: oranges, pinks and yellows clash with and complement each other at the same time, creating an eye-catching collection, always retaining a wisp of romance.
The Blumarine Transformation for Spring 2010
Then there are a few ensembles in shades of beige, including well-tailored outerwear for summer. But the emerging witty strain of Blumarine is evident in its interpretation of military fatigue, which struts on to the ramp looking anything but military.
This is a sort of Sicilian enjoyment of life, a combination of military and seaside motifs done with a sense of fun, while still walking a fine commercial tightrope. Blumarine seems to have decided to walk into the league of Versace, Cavalli and Pucci. This just might be the Italian fashion house to watch next season.

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