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Monday, 8 August 2011

Sleep with your face up: Everyone has a favorite sleeping position. While for some it’s on their side curled up in a fetal ball and others on their stomach with their face smothering the pillow, the best way to sleep is on your back with your knees slightly bent over a pillow. Not only does blood flow naturally and comfortably through your body but in the physical sense your face won’t be scrunched up in a floppy pillow all night forming lines and creases in your skin which will eventually turn into something permanent over time. If we spend approximately 6-8 hours in any given night every night of our lives with our face being unnaturally contorted, it’s likely to have some permanent effects on our skin as we get older. Not very beautiful.

Remove all make up before bed: Foundation might be great during the day to cover up spots and skin unevenness but it sure doesn’t look as pretty on the pillow. There are several reasons to remove cosmetics before bed but the most important is because skin is made to breathe and foundation and powders clog up your pores. Pimples would just love to get their little puss filled hands on your skin but why give them the pleasure. Wash your face with a mild hypo allergenic facial wash and discover your true skin complexion before you enter dreamland. But don’t forget to pay special attention to your eyes.

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