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Hottest Star of Summer 2005: Jessica Alba

Friday, 5 August 2011

Even though I don't approve of celebs getting too involved in the fashion industry, I always love a fashionable and well-dressed star. Sigh, summer really is coming to an end, *sniff sniff*. Anyways, so I decided to pick the most memorable star of this summer to talk about. It's not the newly evolved and skinny Nicole nor Lindsay; it's not the always trendy Mischa nor her cute OC co-star Rachel; I'm talking about Jessica. Not Simpson, like eww. Jessica as in Jessica Alba.
Starring in three summer movies -Sin City, Into the Blue and Fantastic Four -Alba is THE female star this summer. Err, right that wasn't the point. The point is, Alba has been looking AMAZING in all the events she attended recently -both fashion and makeup-wise. Here's a recap:Alba with Cash Warren at the WestwoodSin City premiere -those ruffles are so nice and red actually looks great on her!Alba at the Fantastic Four Mexico press conference -her clothes are so simple here and she looks so lovely with those pearls.Alba at the New York Fantastic Four premiere -this is definately my fav Alba dress! I love the details (like beads) on the white part of the dress and the back is gorgeous. This shape of a dress is usually really hard to pull off, but she does it well!Alba at the London Fantastic Four premiere -smart girl knows that A-line dresses are just so flattering to the body. Another simple yet fabulous choice.Alba at the Spain Fantastic Four premiere -I usually dislike one-sided shoulder dresses, but I love this one, esp how the black fabric on one shoulder drapers past her whole arm.Alba at the Secustro Express premiere -I simply love the tailoring of the dress, esp the tightened waist. Shows that a dress doesn't have to be lacy or made of satin to be beautiful!Alba at the Teen Choice Awards just two weeks ago -a typical casual Alba look. I love this look -although maybe she should get those jeans cut just a tiny bit up.

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