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Saturday, 6 August 2011

Hiya :) I was lucky today lol, I went to DESIREE'S ROSE Store to take a look, and the lucky chair not have my letter, I have to go to RL and then I back, I relog at my last location, and guess what? the Lucky Chair letter was any letter, lol, I just clicked and sit like crazy to get the outfit that she is offering during the weekend, look is very smexy :), all is included (jus not the shoes), even the jewels.

Also she have the MM Board with the new Gown, "Night Dream Starry Blue is so delicate with the look of a Medieval Maiden but fits perfectly for stroll in the garden or for dancing!
I added to the gown the following for you to wear or leave off as you desire....
Gloves, shoulder sleeves, arm ruffles, a flower wreath for your hair, modesty long sleeve bodice, and a sweetheart cut top for a modern dancing look worn alone. The color is exquisite"

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