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The Chinese Girls and Woman Models

Friday, 5 August 2011

Our Chinese pop site provides a comprehensive guide to the top and most popular Cpop Hong Kong (HK) Chinese girls and women pop stars and models in the world, there is a Chinese girls and Chinese Women gallery and profile section whereby you can find the variety of stars on the web. The Chinese girls stars include people such as Kelly Chen, and the Chinese Women model section include those such as Twins, Cecelia, Jolin Tsai, Jaymee Ong and Faye Wong.

In recent years the beaty and sexiness of chinese girls and models have begun to spread across the pacific and now it is common to find some of our favourate chinese woman actors and models to be cast in movies, sitcoms and magazines.

WE at cpopmusic have a wide variety of Chinese girls and model stars ranging from the most well know stars to the less descrete ones. Join our website and have access to all the girls and woman models.

Chinese girls and Woman models have taken asian by storm, their beauty and looks have spread accross the continents and now they are more well known than ever before. They span accross many countries and are liked for both their vocal talents as well as their beauty.
Report from the Miss China Universe.
A couple days after appearing in Los Angles to compete in the 55th annual Miss Universe pageant that aired live on NBC and Telemundo, Miss China, Ying-Hui Gao, met briefly with Aviation General Manager Ben DeCosta and other Airport officials.

Gao¡¯s visit to the Airport on Tuesday, July 25 was hosted by CIFAL Atlanta (, a North American affiliate of the United Nations Institute for Research and Training (UNITAR). She is working with Atlanta organizations to build support for direct passenger flights between Atlanta and the Peoples Republic of China. Direct air service connecting the Olympic cities will develop stronger ties between Atlanta and China.

The tall, graceful 23-year-old is a full-time journalist for Heilongjiang News and a part-time student at Heilongjiang University. She is recognized by high-ranking Chinese officials as a formal dignitary for her nation. Miss China¡¯s visit came just a few weeks after a group of Chinese airport officials visited Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. ¡°I love the warm hospitality of the people in Atlanta,¡± Gao said during a Chinatown dinner held in her honor. ¡°I was impressed with the warm greeting I received at the [Atlanta] Airport.¡±

Gao¡¯s interests include reading, playing basketball, and listening to music. ¡°I enjoy playing basketball the most,¡± she said. Though Gao said the Miss Universe pageant was a big challenge, she had a lot of fun with her roommate, Miss Singapore, Carol Cheong, who was also competing for the crown.
Canadian Linda Chung, from Vancouver poses during the Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong?January 17, 2004.

Miss Chinese International winner Linda Chung (C) from Vancouver is congratulated by first runner-up Mandy Cho (L) from Hong Kong and 2nd runner-up Carlene Ang Aguilar from Manila at the Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong January 17, 2004. Twenty Chinese contestants from around the world participated in the beauty contest.
Winner Linda Chung (C),?1st runner-up Mandy Cho (L), 2nd runner-up Carlene Ang Aguilar pose during the Miss Chinese International pageant.
Miss Chinese International winner Linda Chung (C) from Vancouver is congratulated by other contestants at the Miss Chinese International pageant in Hong Kong January 17, 2004. First runner-up Mandy Cho (L) from Hong Kong and 2nd runner-up Carlene Ang Aguilar from Manila, wipe the tears from Linda Chung from Vancouver, Canada after she was crowned Miss Chinese International in Hong Kong, late January 17, 2004.

Gillian Chung apologizes to fans Cantopop duo Twins member Gillian Chung, in her first public response to the recent publication of nude pictures purportedly of pop and movie stars, yesterday admitted she had been "naive and silly" in the past.

"I admit [after a long pause] I was very naive and very silly in the past, but I have grown up now," Chung, 27, told a packed and frenzied crowd of international and local reporters, photographers and cameramen - without explicitly saying she was in the photos.

"This incident has caused great frustration and harm to me and people around me," she stated in her one- minute, 20-second speech.

"I thank my company, family and friends for their kindness and support. I deeply regret the impact the incident has caused to society and the public. "In the future, I will continue my work and face my life positively. I thank the media for their concern and the fans for not giving up on me."

Chung, accompanied by long-time Twins partner Charlene Choi Cheuk- yin, was given a rousing cheer by hundreds of fans shouting "we support you."

Chung, who was dressed in a beige coat with her shoulder-length hair neatly parted down the center, was accompanied by about 10 other pop singers, including Vincy Chan and Yumiko Cheng, at the entertainment company Emperor Entertainment Group's annual Lunar New Year greeting session with fans and which was previously not open to the public.

The pop duo's manager Mani Fok Man-hei said none of EEG's artistes, including Chung, will ever make any comment regarding the incident following yesterday's briefing "to avoid the issue continuing to expand."

"This incident has already caused enormous harm and frustration to those affected," Fok said in a statement.
A spokeswoman for EEG said no further questions from the media would be answered, including whether the photos were genuine or fake.

The 300 fans, most in their teens, who held banners and signs in support of Chung, left the Chiu Chow Dynasty restaurant in Wan Chai after Chung had left, but few were prepared to comment on what happened at the gathering.

"Support, support, support" was uttered by one while another shouted "Kung Hei Fat Choy" or Happy Lunar New Year.

Mr Ho, a passer-by, and his 10-year- old son outside the building, which was flanked by at least 100 journalists, said the media should bear part of the responsibility for the incident.

"Some of the newspapers have exaggerated the issue," he said, referring to many front page reports in local Chinese newspapers over the past couple of weeks.

Before the gathering started, one of several dozen fans waiting to enter the restaurant fainted but was quickly helped by others.

Over the past two weeks, more than 400 nude photos - or about 30 percent of the 1,300 police say they have uncovered - have emerged on internet forums.

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