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Beauty is a Must Have in Today's Society

Monday, 8 August 2011

Many factors contribute to our definition of what beautiful really is. It could be a well-done makeup application or someone that looks good for their age.

Even back in the Roman and Greek times, good looks were associated with good, just like it is today.

Many times when we see a person, we judge them and say 'they look nice' or 'they don't look look very nice.' Oftentimes this is based on aesthetics alone.

But there are many other factors that also contribute to a person's overall attractiveness.

Characteristics such as a nice personality and integrity are highly valued as well.

We as members of society should our top concern should not be with aesthetics as being a positive influence to those around us.

Then we will be a joy to be around and people will be attracted to us for two reasons, quality of personality and secondly, aesthetics.

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