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Australia's Next Top Models

Friday, 5 August 2011

Australia's Next Top Model is an Australian reality television show based on the American program of the same name, which is broadcast on the Australian subscription television channel FOX8, carried by Foxtel, Optus Television, and Austar. The show features a group of young female contestants who live together in a house for several weeks while taking part in various challenges, photo shoots and meetings with members of the model industry. Usually, one female is eliminated each week until the final contestant remaining is declared "Australia's Next Top Model" and wins a modelling contract along with other associated prizes. Australia's Next Top Model has been an outstanding success with audiences and is the highest rating non-sporting related program or event on subscription television in Australia. The fourth cycle concluded on July 1, 2008 and audition calls are being put out for the fifth cycle, which is set to air in 2009. It has been offically announced that the host of cycles 3 & 4 ( Jodhi Meares ) has quit the show and rumours have it that fellow judge Charlotte Dawson is tipped to be the new host however the show is searching for a new host both locally & internationally.

Show format

Originally hosted by model/presenter Erika Heynatz (Cycles 1 and 2) and later by Jodhi Meares (Cycles 3 and 4), the show is based on the American version which was created and co-produced by supermodel Tyra Banks. The Australian version has been produced by Granada Productions, who have been behind other Australian television shows including the top rating Dancing with the Stars.

Over nine weeks on air, the first series of Australia's Next Top Model charted the transformation of ten hopefuls chosen from a nationwide search in August 2004. The brief was to find raw talent to be transformed from good looking girls-next-door into potential top models and follow them as they navigated their way through weekly modelling assignments and tasks.

The 10 finalists spent two months living together in a penthouse in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Darling Point while filming the series in late 2004. Aside from the stress of learning the ropes of the business, the finalists had to deal with the ups and downs of "model house" life including tears, tantrums, accusations of fake breasts and allegations of theft.

The girls are put through challenges to test how well they can perform certain tasks significant to the modeling to see if they can incorporate what they have learned into a good shot, and the drama that comes with all the perks and privileges being shared between 10 lovely ladies.

In each episode, a panel of judges fronted by the host and a number of fashion "experts" assessed task performance and potential. After each critique, one girl was eliminated.

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