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Friday, 29 July 2011

Before the start of London Fashion Week, last-minute shopping hysteria takes over, and all sorts of excuses come out to justify our expensive purchases.

Recently overheard:

"I'm buying the Roady YSL bag because the last one wasn't big enough to fit The Guardian in..."

"I am going to bankrupt myself over a pair of Prada shoes, because Topshop haven't done an homage yet..."

"I'll take this jacket back tomorrow. Oops, I don't seem to have taken it back."

"Shall I tell my husband before I spend £500 on that Margiela jacket? It's a classic, I must have it! Or, shall I lie and say it was from Cos?"

On New York's Upper East Side, Oscar de la Renta unveiled his latest summer collection. It was Park Avenue all the way, with the utmost in refined ladylike chic. With wide-brimmed felt hats, or hair wrapped around the head in embroidered plaits, there were pleated kneelength dresses with matching jackets, summer frilled shorts and ruffled organza blouses. And to finish, a beautiful array of the classic de la Renta gowns including a white and black one-shouldered dress, which was the epitome of high-society dressing.

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