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Top Hair Dying Mistakes

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Women dye their hair for several reasons. Many of them are just looking for a change, others to hide gray hair, and some are doing it as an award of having overcome a difficult moment in their lives. Regardless the reason, hair dying is an art that sometimes forces us to make mistakes.
Dying your hair needs more than a one moment decision and a hair dye. More important are the elements regarding hair dying that can help us obtain a beautiful, shiny hair. Besides all these, there are also a few basic rules when it comes to choosing the right color and applying it correctly. Hair dying is on e of the ways through which we get a whole new look without too much effort. Still, we should first think why we want to make this change and then wisely choose the best color for our hair.
You must always take into consideration your skin complexion when choosing a hair dye. Therefore, if you have fair skin, lighter shades are the best option for you, while if you have darker, olive skin, you should choose dark blondes and light brown.
Color choice
Choosing the hair color can be a stressful step especially when you dye your hair for the first time. When choosing a hair dye you should know that you'll never get the same color as the one on the box as the dye interacts with the pigment of your hair.
Most of the time, it is advisable that you know very well the natural color of your hair in order to choose a dye with two or three shades darker or lighter, in the tones you are looking for. If you are bolder and want to change your color completely, try a semi-permanent dye in case you are not satisfied with the result. However, it is advisable not to go for a total change.
ot doing the allergy test
Every time you dye your hair you should pass an allergy test. Do this test even if you have used hair dye in the past. On every package there are indications regarding this test in order to see if the dye has certain side effects upon your hair or skin.
You should know that omitting this important you assume serious risks in case you are allergic to one of the ingredients found in the hair dye.
You may even get to an anaphylactic shock. Therefore, before dying your hair, apply a small amount of dye to your skin. Make the test with 24-48 hours before using the hair dye.
Apply hair dye on eyebrows
Applying hair dye on eyelashes and eyebrows is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can do when dying your hair. If their color is different from that of the hair, you shouldn't dye them in the same color as it can only make you look strange and artificial. Moreover, you might even lose hairs from your eyelashes and eyebrows, or even worse some dye can get into your eye, which can cause serious problems.
Other mistakes
If you decide to consult a professional don't forget to mention previous hair changes you have made in order to avoid certain unpleasant situations.
Passing from blonde to brown without previous previous pigmentation. This way you avoid getting a green or gray hair instead of brown.
Applying the hair dye on a dirty hair. When coloring, make sure your hair is clean so the dye to get better and easier into the hair. Also, a too clean hair can make the dye lose its effect.
Change color a few days after hair dying
Hair dying is one of the easiest and quickest ways that we can use in order to change our look. However, the result might not always be the one you were looking for especially if the change is a radical one.
Yet, the biggest mistake is to dye the hair a few days after the change. You should be patient and take your time so your family and friends to get used to your new look. If after a few weeks the feeling is the same, you can consult to a professional who can help you get the look you have wanted.

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