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Multimedia Communications Students Land Internships at Top Media Firms

Sunday, 24 July 2011

The hands-on experience students get in Academy of Art University’s one-of-a-kind Multimedia Communications program is paying off. Six students are diving in to their careers by interning or contracting with top companies in the Bay Area.

Ashley Causey, Jason Yee and Michal Skyba have all been chosen to intern at Comcast. Wesley Cho is interning at KGO TV while Melanie Johnson got a spot with KPIX TV’s Eye on the Bay program. Mike Senno landed a contract with TRUSTe and their partner,

The students credit the expert guidance they’ve received from their professors and the comprehensive experience from their Academy classes with preparing them for success at their new companies.

Ashley Causey was able to go into her internship with confidence that she had the professional training required. “Classes such as Multimedia Production 1, Writing for Media Specialty and Video Journalism prepared me through real-life experiences and deadlines, ” she said.

After submitting a sample video, Michael Senno landed a contract with TRUSTe. “It’s amazing to have the opportunity to get my foot in the door in a field which I love,” he said.

Michael said that a year ago, he had never used a Macintosh computer, used Final Cut Pro or produced a video of his own. Thanks to the Multimedia Communications program, he now has learned how to make a career out of his creativity.

He is especially impressed with the hands-on nature at the Academy. “Communications Theory is what you get at most universities, but at Academy of Art University, you get communications reality,” he said. “Every day at the Academy, I continue to become a better producer, writer, director and creator. The Academy is giving me the tools to succeed. Using those tools to pave my own way makes me unbelievably proud. Proud of myself and proud of my school.”

The internships are a great opportunity for the students to further expand their skills and prepare them for future career opportunities.

Wes Cho said that it feels great to be working in his field. “I’m learning a lot and meeting many great people. I am now preparing to produce one of our Emmy-award-winning shows at ABC and I also shadow reporters out in the field and do my stand ups.”

Michal Skyba’s fanaticism for ice hockey helped him to get the internship with Comcast in their Sportsnet division. He said that the School of Multimedia Communications has given him insight into the industry and taught him the lingo that helped him to get the job.

In addition to the technical skills they’ve learned at the Academy, the students were grateful for the advice and inside industry knowledge they received from their instructors and department directors.

Melanie Johnson said that she loves that the Multimedia Communications program feels like one big family. Director Jan Yanehiro and Associate Director Steve Kotton are always around for advice and encouragement.

“They believe in us and want us to succeed. We have all the tools to help us do that,” she said. “We have our own studio and HD cameras for top-quality videos that we can use on our resume reel… They are preparing us to be the best!”

Ashley Causey agreed, “They want to see me succeed and they are committed to that.”

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