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Latest Trends in Fashion Designing Industry

Friday, 8 July 2011

Fashion industry is a global industry and is one of the fastest emerging industries of India. The industry has made an outstanding performance in the recent years and has the potential to make a mark internationally. A lot Indian fashion shows are organized every year at the metropolitan cities of India. All top designers of India exhibit their designs to make clients and earn appreciation at such a popular stage.

India is the epicentre of textiles and handicrafts industries; there are many handicrafts industries in the towns and small cities of India. India is the largest exporter of textile garments and fabrics and second largest producer of silk. Today Indian fashion designers are largely inspired by the simple but elegant apparel designs of these small scale industries. They use silk and cotton in their apparels time to time. These designs are also appreciated internationally for their uniqueness and elegance.

Films and TV soaps are the major areas of fashion designing. A lot of designers design apparels, accessories and jewellery for movie stars and TV soaps actors. This has boosted fashion designing industry and fashion is spread across the general masses.  Several top-notch Indian designers design apparels for movies, TV soaps and other reality shows on AIR. They are being paid a handsome amount for every film project they work with. Today, many prestigious film banners design the clothes for the movie from the top designers only. However, this was not the case earlier and fashion was not promoted at such a large extent.

Today, Fashion industry not just caters with the demand of younger generations but it covers almost people of all ages. Fashion designers design clothes for every occasion from wedding to parties, conferences and even funerals.

They not just look after the interest of their high profiled clients like celebrities and elite classes but they also cover the middle class segment. Today people from middle class follow fashion closely and this has led to the tremendous progress of fashion designing industry. A career in fashion designing is promising and rewarding, all successful designers earn a good sum of money and appreciations.

Fashion designing is a highly paid job and with the advancement of fashion designing industry there is ample scope for amateur fashion designers. Designer clothes, shoes and accessories have become a symbol of status. A series of designer stores have opened in the metropolitan cities of India where you would find collection of extravagant designer items and accessories.

With the spread of fashion among the Indian masses, several export houses, textile mills, boutiques, garments stores and factories have formed their business in the market. Multi National Companies have also come up with their apparels and accessories in the Indian market to lure fashion freaks.  Fashion industry has become a billion dollar industry around the world.   A lot of young aspirants are eager to make a career in fashion designing which has given rise to a series of fashion designing institutes in different parts of India.

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