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genuine hand-made moroccan leather coin belt

Monday, 25 July 2011

Fabric: genuine Moroccan leather, silver hand etched w/gemstone, and coins, coins coins!
Measurements: 3" x 41"
fits waist 24"-39"

COIN BELT: The law of attraction in an ancient design! This lovely rich black or natural leather belt features silver gramuts with a scalloped bottom edge embellished with pounded coins of the realm. Sling this stunner over your hips & swing out sister! If you belt this a little long and drape it in front it creates a V-shape that elongates the silhouette & visually thins the tummy line! Trust me!
All belts are designed, cut, dyed and hand-worked in Morocco made of the 100% tanned leather - Moroccan craftsman are known throughout the world for their phenomenal leatherwork!
Moroccan belts are all the Rage now, but they are the ultimate time-tested high fashion apparel! Hand-worked 100% genuine Moroccan leather and metal pounded, braided, etched and embellished. When you wear a belt it accentuates, or draws attention to OR away from areas.

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